2. Methods


Permanent Issue Items:

1 Arduino Black (Leonardo Model) x1 (Obligatory)

2 USB Cable (USB to USB-mini) x1 (Obligatory)

3 Annikken Andee (iOS) x1 (Obligatory)

4 Annikken Andee (Android) x1 (Optional)

Raspberry Pi Procedures:
Step 1: Configure Raspberry Pi to allow camera module to work.Step 2: Connect Raspberry Pi to Internet connection.Step 3: Stream Camera Module to web via IP Address.Step 4: Watch on a smartphone or computer connected to the same network.

1) Handmade our own wooden box with 5 pieces of wooden planks. The measurements are 55cm x 36cm and 36cm by 36cm.

2) Using our metal brackets, attach the first joint to the box that was handmade earlier by drilling holes onto the top of the box.

3) Attach motors using metal brackets onto the box by drilling holes and screwing on the brackets with the motors onto the box.

4) Cut two 30cm long bars and drill two holes 9.5cm apart.

5) Cut four 15 cm metal bars and drill a hole 1.5cm from baseline for each bar.

6) Attach two 15 cm metal bars to each 30 cm metal bar using screws and kep nuts to lock it in place.

7) Wire the motors and battery to the relay and arduino.

8) Place the shelter connecting each side to one and other.

Risk Assessment:

List/identify the hazardous chemicals, activities, or devices that will be used.
We will be going hands on with a wooden box that might have sharp edges, and we might also use a saw to cut the box to our desired size. We may also be working with metal parts to construct the shelter.

Identify and assess the risks involved.

While sawing parts for our shelter, metal parts with sharp edges could cause a deep cut on our skin and therefore we should be careful. Drilling boxes causes small shavings that could irritate our eyes. Drills are also dangerous if it comes into contact with us when it is powered. Short circuits and electrocution may happen occur when connecting the wires to enable the shelter to retract and extend.

Describe the safety precautions and procedures that will be used to reduce the risks.

When sawing metal parts or drilling boxes, we must keep a certain distance away from the saw and drill to lower the chances of any injuries.To prevent short circuits, the builder must be careful where the wires connect and mus think before it touches another wire. Wires are covered in insulators to prevent electrocution to the builder.

Data Analysis

After construction, we tested the whole circuit out with Anniken Andee. When the shelter was set to extend for 1 second, we found it too fast and it could damage the circuit.

We thus tested out and found the optimal time for the shelter to extend and retract, and that would be 0.4-0.6 seconds.

We concluded that we managed to contruct a retractable shelter that can be controlled from the smart phone.

Circuit Diagram:

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