5. Conclusion

Practical Application

In the future, it would be possible to market our product and sell it. In typical HDB flats, it would be possible to make use of our shelter to prevent clothes from getting wet, or simply as a sunshade in landed properties.
It would be a very useful piece of equipment to have no matter what type of house the potential buyer may live in as they can save the hassle of closing windows or extending the shelter when the shelter can do it automatically for them.

Area for further studies

We can research on how different materials for the shelter interact with water, and see which material makes the best choice for a shelter. This would be useful as less water would be collected on the surface of the shelter thus reducing chances of mosquito breeding and reducing weight on the shelter as to extend the shelter's lifespan.

We can also research on feasible alloys and metals that are durable for years and will not rust. 

We can also find more suitable uses for the retractable shelter other than it being used in a household. Instead, it can be used for shops and neighbourhood restaurants.

Thus this area for further studies is feasible.

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