1. Introduction

Problem Being Addressed
Many Singaporeans hang their wet clothes either in their yard or on bamboo poles. However, with Singapore’s unpredictable weather, people are not always around to prevent their clothes from getting wet. Thus, we are constructing an intelligent retractable shelter that can extend out to prevent clothes from getting wet.

 Engineering Goal

Our goal is to make an intelligent, semi-automated shelter that has the ability to detect incoming rain before it happens and extends itself to prevent clothes from getting wet.

Part 3: How is this problem solved? 
Our intelligent retractable shelter can be extended and retracted from your smartphone, no matter how far you are. We have also attached a camera module so that the user will be able to view the sky and extend the shelter in advance. Compared to normal shelters, retractable shelters last longer and are more durable. Cited from:(http://www.angieslist.com/articles/pros-and-cons-retractable-deck-awnings.htm) Average retractable shelters may last to more than 7 years. Cited from: (http://www.millscanvas.com/awnings_faq.htm#whatare)

Part 4: So what? How useful is this to Engineering and to the reader? 
You can set it anywhere and its is a portable shelter. It can be used in different types of households, whether the reader is living in a flat or condominium. Retractable shelters does not allow rain to ‘pool’ on top of the shelter. Instead, it cause water to flow down easily and not allow water to accumulate on a certain area on it. Cited from: (http://www.samsonawnings.co.uk/domestic-products/all-year-round-weather-awnings/)

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